Timing delayed @ 1 day?
Editing delayed @ 1day (+ like 8 hours for forgetting to upload script)
QC delayed @ 2 days?
= super late but who cares welcome to FBI

Trigger: Yeah still no idea yet

Also apparently there are derps in this ep. Blame Eien 100% since he merged and muxed and released. Also because he stinx.

Also, we’re keeping “mage.” We all agreed that the term “magician” is fucking gay. Also fuck “A-chan” but if you have a better idea pls feel free. We are considering “inverse tangent function-chan.”

ALSO best gril list is Erika > Kaichou > literally anyone else

TL Note: True best grill list is Miyuki>Kaichou≒Mari>Honoka>Erika

Best grill キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

Yeah sorry this ep was late, it was mostly my fault. I was in Massachusetts playing pokemon this past weekend so everything was delayed. Then I had an interview, was busy, and have another interview tomorrow ;-;

Koroshiya is still… there. I’m really sorry.

Trigger: None yet, have to bug trellmor on this one.

Also I’m a hypocrite and used both Onii-sama and Sensei, sue me.

Best grill

Yeah we’re subbing stuff with FFF this season, classic FBI.

Koroshiya is getting worked on slowly whenever I can tear myself away from new content on FF14.

Well… we’re back :3

01-03 DDL

Torrents: EP 1 | EP 2 | EP 3

NOTE: We’ll also be subbing the full show next season with FFF. Also, this is a 1080p webrip, so excuse the “bad” quarity.
ALSO also, I will probably change some of the terms in this for the full show, like “Mages” being capitalized, that’s probably going away.

LOL there are derps in ep 3 script, TS not matching subs etc :D oops

You all know what’s going on.

I’m pretty burnt out on subbing right now, and I don’t even find myself wanting to do it when I literally have nothing else to do. I’m not sure about mini’s (the TL) stance is right now, but he hasn’t been doing everything on time like he used to either. I think we all need a break.

So basically, 3 years after IB’s creation, I must regretfully inform anyone who still actually watches our shit that we will (almost 100% sure) be taking a break this season. We’ll try to finish up what we’re “doing” now, aka Tesabu and Koroshiya. I know there is at least a batch for Koroshiya out there, maybe even Tesabu as well if you can’t wait for us.

Well, happy 3rd birthday, IB.

PS: For anyone that was expecting us to do Wooser, sorry. It’s being simulcasted (I think?) so there’s that.

I saw some comments today that made me want to release this. I wasn’t going to do it since it didn’t make any sense to release this late with no promise of a time frame for the next ep, but whatever.

Like literally every other ep of the show(s) we’re subbing are all at Time/Encode/TL, so… take that as you want.

Trigger: I still don’t think I’ve set this up… just come and search for it on the bot.

Everything else is still at stuff. Seiyuu hasn’t even been started besides TL. Tesabu 03 still needs to be timed/TS’d, 04 isn’t translated. At this rate it’s just gonna be a batch release.

Trigger: yeah idk still

We’re using Ohys raw because we have no caps for this show.
We are doing Seiyuu Sentai and Tesabu, but… they’re stuck at timing/TS/TL/etc…
Hopefully we have them out before ep 4 airs :|

Trigger: None yet. Will figure it out in the morning.
DDLs: 01 | 02
Torrents: 01 | 02

lol ep 2 didn’t have subs for some reason. Redownload if you got it before 4:30AM EST

Sorry this took so long. Really lazy.
FFF is doing the BDs with our scripts (or at least that’s what they told me)

Ep 1-7 have updated karaoke.
2 and 7 have like, 1 line changed. 8 has the “b0fore” thing fixed.

We’re doing those 2 15-minute shows this season (I can’t remember the names… Seiyuu Sentai something or other and the other one is that cute girls doing cute things show. Also Hitman thingy or w/e, the 5 minute show, whenever we get caps.)

Triggers: Everything should be updated whenever Trellmor gets on and fixes them. No need to do !blonde01v2 or anything.

Pirates of the Blonderibean.

We’ll be doing something next season, but I’m not sure what yet. Will update when I know. (I hope to have it decided by this weekend)


Translation: mini-ezo
Editing: Amanatsu
Timing: TheAraragiKun + re/unanimated
Typesetting: a lot of people… complain if I missed you: re/unanimated + TheAraragiKun + nixx` + Hdr (ty Hdr :3) + maybe some other people idk D:
Quality Checking: Treize
Stinxing: Eien

Trigger: !blonde12

NOTE: I will release a batch… probably this weekend. Need to go through and fix/update a few things. We currently have no plans to do the BD but I’m sure FFF will. They usually use our scripts as well. mini-ezo will also be TLing at least one show for FFF I think, so look out for that if you enjoy his translations.


Various staff were not available last weekend/this week.

Trigger: !blonde11