Dog Days


One of the new shows we’re doing this season. It’s only 3-4 minutes, so enjoy.
Oh, also Wooser is voiced by Shinku :3
(I forgot to put 01 in the file name and I’m not rereleasing. Feel free to add the ” – 01″ onto your file name. Will be fixed in batch. Don’t hate, appreciate these gems. Also I rushed it so fuck the haters.)

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DD2 Batch:
Trigger(s): !becky01-13 have been updated to the new files.

Also for the people who complain and either can’t read or refuse to, Mirai Nikki 25 is at QC, and 26 is at TS. We have absolutely no idea when the TS for 26 will be done. It is completely in the hands of our TSer and no, unlike how some of you think fansubbing works, we cannot make him do them.


Another show down. Subtle hints at a 3rd season of Dog Days in this ep, but who knows. If there is one, we’ll surely be subbing it.
Mirai Nikki updates are, well, absent. I might edit 25 this weekend if I can muster the courage to tackle it, but we’re still waiting on TS for 26.
Next season we’re gonna be subbing 1 or 2 shows, so look forward to that I guess. Shows we’re doing will be released within the next 10 days or whenever they all start.

Amanatsu – Editor
mini-ezo – TL
archdeco – Timer
Eien – Encoder
Teie + Glerlynth – QCs

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Dat Becky all grown up

I can’t be bothered putting pictures here or waiting till it reaches the server.
Speeds will be slow until there are enough seeds; as of now I’m seeding alone from my computer in my apartment. (50% seeded to server in the past 60 seconds actually, so speeds will increase soon.)

I’m going to bed now, Japanese quiz in 7 hours.
Picture tomorrow.

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You released late again?!

We have some serious scheduling issues here. Our TL, on the west coast, gives us this some time Sunday, which is bad for the timer, who’s usually asleep, then he times it Monday my time, when I have class all day, then our QC plays WoW for his entire life and is never around when we want him to be, and then you get Thursday releases :(

We’re (IB, not FBI) currently tossing a few ideas back and forth for shows for next season. I won’t say anything here but if you’re smart enough I’m sure you can find them somewhere on the internatz.

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They sure have!

Making excuses seems moot at this point.
We’re all college students, time is hard.

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Also, there’s a line where Becky shouts “Asterism Strike!” or something, but before “Asterism” she says something else. None of us could figure out what she said, and I’m too lazy to see what the other groups put.
The only thing that I found on the Asterism wikipedia page that sounded even remotely like what she said was “Procyon”, which is also known as Alpha Canis Minoris (I think? if I read it correctly…) and as I’m sure at least some of you know, “Canis” is a genus including dogs, so it kind of makes sense, but then it doesn’t because Pastillage is comprised of Squirrels.
All in all, who the fuck knows, bro.


Every week QC delayin’ yo.
Also I started my 4th year of college this Monday so I didn’t edit till like… Yesterday.

Trigger: !becky09

also random line in the picture, too lazy to remove.

This show is overflowing with plot.

We waited an eternity for the insert song, and I’m not even sure why.
I broke my computer, so I had to reinstall everything and am, in fact, still doing that.
I have to recover all of my files tomorrow, so Eien muxed this one. If there are issues, blame him.
I also shifted the OP/ED karaoke myself before my computer blew up, so if they’re like .01 seconds off, please forgive me. I don’t usually do anything with timing except fix early/late/bleeding lines.

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Loli ni narimashita~

Leftover delays from TL moving to America.
We have the TL for 08 and are waiting on timing, which will happen whenever archdeco wakes up.
Should have it out within 24 hours… I hope :(

College starting up again has everyone busy, so please excuse us during this time.
I am also releasing Mirai Nikki 24 in a minute.
25 probably tomorrow.
(yes, you read correctly)

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Becky x Cou-sama best DD pair

Delays due to TL moving to America to begin his lovely college adventure. We wish him the best of luck.
He will still be TLing, though. No worries.
We have 07 and that should be out by tomorrow, I hope.

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Note: I’m not even sure if I finished seeding to the server or if it disconnected at 96%.
If the torrent feels really slow, that’s probably because I’m seeding it to you from my 5mb max upload at my parents’ house.

I like Leo-sama with this hair. I don’t like her otherwise.

Another week where we wait 24h for a QC to find 2 words to fix in the release :|

Oh, also, next week will have a few lines in the op/ed fixed since the official lyrics have been released. I didn’t apply them this week because our k-timer was not around at time of release, and I wanted to get it out. The op/ed lyric fixes are minimal anyway, something like 3 or 4 words, I think.

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