Finally got around to finishing this batch of our wonderful french loli, thanks Glerlynth!

This batchu:

  • Consistency fixes for foreign words
  • Fresh raws and 10bit video for all episodes!
  • Changed the filenames to not include the accent in ‘Croisée’, since this causes problems on some machines .-.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed working on this!


Look forward to Dog Shit season 2 with our friends at FFFPeeps, and also we’ll (probably) be doing BDs for Nazo no Kanojo, so expect those!


(I thought it would be worth mentioning that if you see “status unknown” on any of our torrents on nyaa, please ignore it. It’s due to our old tracker going offline, but everything will still seed properly.)
K this is done. For summer season we’re doing Dog Days Season 2 with our buddies at [FFF] under the name [FBI], so look for those if you want our releases. I’ll also add the releases to this website. I’ll be editing and mini will be TLing, so if you like how our scripts flow as far as translation/editing go, then I suggest you look up our releases. Hopefully we’ll get everything done in a proper amount of time, since we’re getting together with another group to do this.

Thanks, and enjoy.

NazoKanoX Staff:
TL: mini-ezo
Editor: Amanatsu
QC: Tormaid
TS: anonkyun
Timer(s): Meesles, unanimated
Encoder: Eien

Trigger: !nazo13


Torrent :D

Batch Reuploads: DDL
V2s are almost completely for an ED fix we didn’t realize until episode 10 and other minor fixes! Enjoy and we hope you liked your weekly (sometimes bimonthly) does of drool~

No fancy picture for this.


This has nothing to do with this post, but I like it.

Uh, Dog Days batch. I’m tired, hating my job, and not looking forward to tomorrow. (Duh.)

Enjoy your batch. I think ep 1-7 are v2′d or something, since I had to fix the chapters on them. Minor adjustments to other eps. Anyway, there it is.

No trigger for batches, sorry.
DDL: Coming whenever Meesles gets on, I’ll be fast asleep by the time this shit is derping around.


Here’s the batch! If you’ve been waiting for the series to finish so that you can marathon it, now’s your chance!

No trigger for this, sorry!
No DDLs either, sorry! Just too hard to get this kind of thing up without a premium membership somewhere!
But here’s the torrent!