Oh, we didn’t see you there! :3

Oh boy another fun OVA, and look who’s posting! This is so full of tits you could almost call it porn, and I won’t say I disliked the strip-mahjong, strip-poker, and various other strip-games. Enjoy! We’ll have other crap out later this weekend/early next weekEast Inflatable Rentals.

Torrents: 1080p v2 | 720p
DDL: 1080p v2 | 720p
Trigger: !oppai


We lost the Dog Days 08 post as well as the Hen Zemi 07 post and PSG post. Here’s the info again for it.

Dog Days 08 DDL
Dog Days 08 Torrent
Hen Zemi 07 DDL
Hen Zemi 07 Torrent
PSG Torrent

No picture for this, too lazy. This is the re-encode of our 720p and 1080p versions.


720p DDL
1080p DDL
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent

Im so fabulous

I’m not sure if many of you knew we were doing this (unless you join(ed) our IRC lately) but here it is.

This is a very low quality version (400p, as suggested in the name) so please be aware of that before you rage for it being so bad.
We WILL be releasing a higher quality version once we get our hands on one.
I’ll say it again. We /_WILL_\ be releasing a higher quality version.

Note: This was edited by anonymous, not me (Amanatsu)

Trigger: !Meesles (note, this is the 1080p version.)
DDL: 1080p 720p
400p Torrent
720p Torrent
1080p Torrent

In my rush to release the 400p version, I fucked up and didn’t mux any fonts.
Here you go, a patch


Note: I know there’s a grammar mistake at 7:39, which is “You to heat them up properly”
I assume most of you can gather that it’s supposed to be “You need to heat them up properly.” or “You have to heat them up properly.” etc.
I’m not going to patch them all again for a 1 line error, sorry.
If you absolutely cannot bear to read that 1 line error, please feel free to wait for someone else to sub it.