Ikoku Meiro no Croisée


Finally got around to finishing this batch of our wonderful french loli, thanks Glerlynth!

This batchu:

  • Consistency fixes for foreign words
  • Fresh raws and 10bit video for all episodes!
  • Changed the filenames to not include the accent in ‘Croisée’, since this causes problems on some machines .-.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed working on this!


Look forward to Dog Shit season 2 with our friends at FFFPeeps, and also we’ll (probably) be doing BDs for Nazo no Kanojo, so expect those!

(# `₎へ₍´)

Update: Some Reibai incoming soon, sorry for the delays. Episode 22 has yet to appear on any of our raw sources, so no update on that. I’m also slowly doing Merry BDs, but those are not very high priority due to the amount of time it takes and the relative quality of our subs back when we first started. Stay tuned for next season’s projects!

This is late. We know. I’ve been sick since, literally, last Thursday. This shit is raping me. I wasn’t passed a timed script until… Tuesday night EST? I don’t know, I slept until 2:30PM that day because :exhaustion:

I finally managed to do it today after skipping my morning classes due to :sick-as-fuck:
I passed it to QC, he got on later, I went to my Japanese class cuz I’m a weeaboo, and now here we are. Final ep of Ikoku.
I didn’t really watch any of this show outside of what I edit, which is basically the entire show minus the parts with no spoken phrases. Except the end of this ep, I watched that.

Pretty good ending ep in my opinion, but I’ll let the rest of you decide. As some people from our IRC put it, “probably one of the most relaxing shows of SpringSummer[fuck you faggots, I'm sick.] season.” I mean, shit, it was able to quell Sartaj’s rage. Award pls.

No credits here, they’re all in the final couple seconds of the ep. Take a look if you want to know which idiots worked on this show.

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She has a fang, therefore I am now interested.

Everyone is busy.

And by everyone, I mean me.

School, friends, and this week, games, all came and come before this shit. Sorry we’re late, but it can’t be helped. Hopefully we can choose shows that better suit our schedules for the fall season.

Thanks, as always, for sticking with us and supporting our releases. Next episode is the final one, but we WILL be subbing the 4.5 episode when it releases in the BD. Yes, Ayako has already released a version with the stream rip, we know that.

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These release pic things are getting to be a real hassle. It’s 1AM and I have a class at 8:30.

Fuck. Everyone.

First week of 8bit + 10bit release, let us know if we fucked everything up.

Trigger: Not sure what they’ll set up when I go to bed, but I’m sure the 8bit will be defaulted to !ikoku10
Don’t quote me, though.

Edit: I’ve decided on !ikokuXX for 8bit and !ikokuXX[10bit] for 10bit for now. Subject to change in the near future.

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I’m tired and I have work in the morning.

Last 4 days of work before I go back to college, so at least there’s that.

Expect this kind of thing every week now, except subtract about 5 hours from our release time. This was done, but I didn’t know how to shift the text above the ad cuz I was :derp:
As you know all of us are starting school again, and maybe even you, too. We get busy during the day, especially the high schoolers in our group.
Thanks for not understanding.

Trigger: !ikoku09

Meesles’ Edit: Expect a very bony surprise in the near future.

Decent-ish release speed this time, Eienfaggot fucked up three times again though.

Also I don’t do release pics because I’m lazy.


Too lazy to put a picture up at nearly midnight. Goodnight people.

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Reibai Update:
16/17 are both @ edit, tell amanatsu to do it!
18 is being TLed, 19 aired today i think.


Late, sorry.

Trigger: !ikoku06


Ikoku will be late. Again.
Cap or something went wrong, missing parts of the show, idk.

Anyway, yet a-fucking-gain, we will be like a day or something late on this. Woo.

EienShouko fucked up and the cap was actually the right ep, but he somehow managed to encode a cap of ep 1? Not sure how he did this, but you can blame him 100%.

Update @ 6:30 PM JST: It’s at editing, bitch at Amanatsu.


Amanatsu: Sorry this wasn’t out many hours earlier. Nyaa decided to update their trackers and it was being a gigantic asshole to me, so I said fuck it and went to bed or something. I see Meesles managed to release it.

Reibai soon. (As of 18:00 EST August 3rd.)

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