Mayo Chiki

All of your faces.

It’s been a while since I posted a picture.

This is a public service announcement to let all of you people know that Mayo Chiki is dropped due to lack of proper scheduling on our parts. Most of our group is located in East Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia), so we are unable to make ends meet in our process to get Chiki done. By the time it airs, our timers/TL want to sleep, so if that happens, nothing is ready for me (USA EST) when I get home from work. I am home from work for about 6 hours MAX before I have to go to sleep on Thursday nights, so that isn’t enough time for our TL/Timers to wake up, get it done, give it to me, and have me edit it.

These long posts suck, so I’ll just stop here with “shit won’t work.”

Sorry. Please don’t hurt us.


No picture for this since it’s 2 eps and that would be :effort:

Anyway, we’re not sure if we’re going to keep doing Mayo Chiki… I know a lot of you wait for our subs/archive them because you feel that they are quality above that of the others subbing this show. From what I’ve heard, though, WhyNot actually does a good job with this show. If we do end up dropping this, I’d suggest their version over Ayako’s.

Anyway, we will not be dropping Ikoku. The only reason we would end up dropping Mayo Chiki is because our schedules are all fucked (besides Eien, he’s just always awake, or something.)

I understand that I made a post earlier saying DL count == motivation. This is partly true, but it’s honestly because of our schedule conflicts right now. So anyway, as of now I have no idea what’s going on with Mayo Chiki, we’ll keep you informed here and @ the IRC chat.

Happy watching!

Ikoku: DDL | Torrent
Mayo Chiki: DDL | Torrent

So I’m sure you’re all sitting there wondering: WHAT THE FUCK IB, MAYO CHIKI AND IKOKU WHERE?!?!??!?!?!?!
Oh, Reibai, too.

Before you all get butt raged and yell at me before reading this, please know that we will continue to sub these shows.

I posted this in the comments section but I now realize that was a very poor decision, since it’ll get eaten up by the amount of posts this is getting.

Anyway, I’m really glad that you guys appreciate our work so much. It really does make me feel good to see that so many people really do appreciate what we’re doing. Well, I’m going to bed now, so I’ll try my best to get Ikoku out tomorrow and fix my Aegisub (or rather, the other way around.) Night!

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Also, I’m still looking for a timer (with good internet) to take over for me, since I’m starting some work soon which will conflict with releases. An editor would also be nice. Inquire within IRC @ #interrobang.

Mayo Chiki 02: Forever delaying >.>

Hopefully this cap shit is solved permanently (for this season), so expect faster releases this week.

Trigger: !chiki02

I don’t know how this even happened.

Show we’re doing, blah blah, ayako seems to like doing our shows, blah blah, we released after them, insert butthurt here, etc.

Sorry this is 24 hours late, I had :work: and shit.

Meesles Note: This should be released in an ‘Ikoku-like’ timeframe starting next week, we just had a few glitches in our work order and such. Enjoy!

Trigger: Undecided

Note: So, I heard she said kuma, not kumo? (Bear, not Spider.)
Anyway, LOL. Makes sense. We’ll fix that for the batch. Sorry for being retarded and deaf.