Nazo no Kanojo X


(I thought it would be worth mentioning that if you see “status unknown” on any of our torrents on nyaa, please ignore it. It’s due to our old tracker going offline, but everything will still seed properly.)
K this is done. For summer season we’re doing Dog Days Season 2 with our buddies at [FFF] under the name [FBI], so look for those if you want our releases. I’ll also add the releases to this website. I’ll be editing and mini will be TLing, so if you like how our scripts flow as far as translation/editing go, then I suggest you look up our releases. Hopefully we’ll get everything done in a proper amount of time, since we’re getting together with another group to do this.

Thanks, and enjoy.

NazoKanoX Staff:
TL: mini-ezo
Editor: Amanatsu
QC: Tormaid
TS: anonkyun
Timer(s): Meesles, unanimated
Encoder: Eien

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Torrent :D

Batch Reuploads: DDL
V2s are almost completely for an ED fix we didn’t realize until episode 10 and other minor fixes! Enjoy and we hope you liked your weekly (sometimes bimonthly) does of drool~

No caption.

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Spoiler alert: BluRays.

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We are actually expecting to release 11 either tomorrow or the day after. It only has to be edited and QC’d, so I will be editing it either tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon, as today is Father’s day and I still have no idea if we’re doing anything tonight.

11 @ QC.


Is yours?

TL is done with school for the year, so here’s to hoping we get that sooner from now on.

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DDL: 08 | 09
Torrent: 08 | 09

Holy fuck a release


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DDL: 06 | 07
Torrent: 06 | 07

News: Still no translated script for 08 yet :(
Other news: Some richfag should donate diablo 3 gold to me. THANKS.

Meesles Edit:
Bear with us as this week Mini-ezo and myself have been doing various school things as we are both graduating this saturday. :) We’ll be back on track soon (hopefully).


Delays, school, blah blah. Read torrent page.

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Note: Unfortunately, it seems our QC has missed quite a few errors (a bleed, some commas where periods should be, and a capitalization issue or two.)
Please excuse this mistake; it will be fixed for the batch.

For you people that like pictures.

I really wish we could do this show on time.

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*70s porno music*

TL was mia for a few days and then it wasn’t timed and then and then and then…

Basically whenever I decide I want to do stuff on time, nobody else wants to :(

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Also Mirai Nikki 22 and 23 have been edited, 22 is at QC, and 23 is at TS.
For the love of god, I will literally give MN22 to anybody who wants to QC it, because even when we get new QCs nothing gets done.

Also also, the line around 0:55~ where he says that they’ve been dating since seventh grade should say 10th, not 7th.
Sorry about that.

It never hurts to have 9058394869 QCs so stop by and ask us. Also it’s super extra awesome if you already know how to QC.


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