Sorry, I’ve been hella busy with school. 3 research projects due this week. 2 on Wednesday. It’s week 10 and I hate life. I’m trying to graduate at the end of the year, so things are hectic.

Fixes to ep 1 and 4. Line error and an apostrophe missing in ep 1, wrong ep title in ep 4.


The best things come in threes.

All I can say is that I hate QCing and it’s no wonder everyone hates it.

I QC’d my own editing on Sukitte. I changed a a fair amount, but beware: there may be some stupid mistakes left. It’s hard to objectively QC your own editing.

Enjoy the holidays, guys. We’ll have Sukitte 12 out hopefully some time tomorrow.

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DDL: Wooser 11 | Wooser 12 | Sukitte 11
Torrent: Wooser 11 | Wooser 12 | Sukitte 11

Oh, and credits for Wooser:

Translation: mini-ezo
Typesetting: anon-kun
Timing: Meesles + unanimated/reanimated
Encoding: Eien
Editing: Amanatsu
QC: Amanatsu

I’ll also throw it in here at the end that I’ve set up one of them twitter things for myself. Follow for all your delaying fun. #shamelessadvertising

Timer was busy with school this week.

I have no idea what this episode is parodying, or if it’s even anything specific at all. Feel free to guess. Apparently it’s Precure?

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As a side note, I’ll be posting here about editing for fansubbing. It’s first and foremost for a class, but I’ll be having some fun with it. It’s guaranteed to be around for at least 3 months, so if any of you are interested then feel free to browse around.

S;G this time.

Oh yeah, this show is still around.
Busy starting the quarter etc., other excuses.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There’s this.
We’ll be doing it whenever it airs.

Cyborg 009 and… aquarion? In this one.

Unfortunately one of our timers still doesn’t feel like doing anything at all.
I apologize for this being so late.
Also happy late Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrated.
This was our 200th torrent on nyaa, too.

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This was finally timed when I got back from work today.
Back to GW2 now.

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Very sorry for the delay. It’s week 10 here at school (I’m on quarters, so week 10 is our last week before finals) and I’ve been really busy with labs, practicals, etc. Not to mention we didn’t get the translation until like Wednesday.

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I work and have class like ALL day Tuesday now, so this is hard to get done the same day it airs… usually.

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Delayed a day due to scheduling issues.

PS: There are pun issues with the “whooping motmot” and “mexican salamander” shit. It was incredibly annoying to translate and I got lazy and liberal edited without changing the salamander line to match. The mexican salamander is literal, the whooping motmot isn’t. The “whooping motmot” should be this, however I changed it to “whooping motmot” because it sounds like “wooser.”
In hindsight I could’ve left it alone and nobody would’ve noticed or cared. Or understood.

PSS: Fucking episode title is wrong. Our TSer copy pasta’d his code from before and didn’t change the title. I didn’t notice it because I don’t normally fuck with that shit. Tits ass lots of swearing too much Japanese homework/essays/tests I’m going to bed I hate life.

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Another installment.

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