Sorry this is so late, I’ve just been really busy (I graduate in 7 days)

Every episode has been v2′d except for episode 9. All changes are minor typos, small grammatical changes, or line bloops that made it through.
Episode 9 still has the audio/video error. I couldn’t get a hold of the encoder, and FFF is doing the BD with our subs anyway, which they should be doing now that I’ve given them the scripts. Wait for those if you want quarity.

Trigger: They’ll all be updated… later.
DDL: I will do this later. COMING SOON™

Picture, DDLs coming when I wake up.JK I need to figure out what’s wrong with our media uploader.
DDLs up, though.

Translation: mini-ezo
Editing: Amanatsu
Timing: unanimated/reanimated
Typesetting: Anon-kun
QC: returnity, convex, Shadowblight (THANK YOU Shadowblight for doing 08-10)
Encoding: Tormaid

Triggers: !rabbit08 | !rabbit09 | !rabbit10
DDLs: 08 | 09 | 10
Torrents: 08 | 09 | 10

Hah, gay.

Late because QC’s roommate didn’t pay the power bill or something, so that was delayed for like 3 days. I also had to get my eyes dilated and shit, then pick out glasses the past 2 days.

Hopefully on time this weekend.

Trigger: !rabbit07

9:11 – It’ll be
19:00 – messed up lines, got overwritten, etc.

Apparently I’m a fucking retard.

Tohsaka and Yukikaze.

New QC etc

Trigger: !rabbit06

07:51 missing “I” after first comma
17:26 typo, should be “excitement”


We’re not 4 weeks late this time.

Trigger: !rabbit05

ecchi desu

Yeah so here. That’s all.

Trigger: Dunno yet, will update.
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Torrent: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04