I saw some comments today that made me want to release this. I wasn’t going to do it since it didn’t make any sense to release this late with no promise of a time frame for the next ep, but whatever.

Like literally every other ep of the show(s) we’re subbing are all at Time/Encode/TL, so… take that as you want.

Trigger: I still don’t think I’ve set this up… just come and search for it on the bot.

Everything else is still at stuff. Seiyuu hasn’t even been started besides TL. Tesabu 03 still needs to be timed/TS’d, 04 isn’t translated. At this rate it’s just gonna be a batch release jumping castle sales .

Trigger: yeah idk still

We’re using Ohys raw because we have no caps for this show.
We are doing Seiyuu Sentai and Tesabu, but… they’re stuck at timing/TS/TL/etc…
Hopefully we have them out before ep 4 airs :|

Trigger: None yet. Will figure it out in the morning.
DDLs: 01 | 02
Torrents: 01 | 02

lol ep 2 didn’t have subs for some reason. Redownload if you got it before 4:30AM EST