Best Grisaia RIP your route

Joint with Oyatsu Fansubs. Looking forward to this season, since it has some decent shows. Haven’t actually watched anime in quite some time. Or subbed it, apparently.

Mahouka status: 13/14 @Edit. 15+ @TL. TL’s laptop is borked. No further updates at this time.

This show should actually be released in a slightly timely manner, barring strange delays. Everyone seems to work pretty efficiently, except the part where we waited 3 days for the fonts for ep 1. Shouldn’t be a big deal moving forward.

Again I apologize for the X-months-long delay on the Mahouka releases, but I really have no answer besides “real life is hard.” Never get jobs, friends.

Trigger: Will HOPEFULLY set this up later.
DDL: None yet, will figure it out

also I will fix the ratio on the image… later.

From the TL: “Also, regarding the rather different resolution, we, or rather, Majin3 saw that the show is mastered at 2.35:1 instead of 16:9 and at much higher resolution than 720p. So we decided to crop out the borders only and keep it at 816p since this anime can sustain this resolution. And it looks damn awesome, in my opinion.”

We will also continue to use BS11 as our station to get the raw, though it airs one day later.