Never mention this satanic show to me ever again. <3 IB

10 720p: Torrent|DDL
10 1080p: Torrent|DDL
11 720p: Torrent|DDL
11 1080p: Torrent|DDL
12 720p: Torrent|DDL
12 1080p: Torrent|DDL
13 720p: Torrent|DDL
13 1080p: Torrent|DDL

Apparently the batches wanted to break on me, so I’ll upload them again tonight.
720p BD Batch
1080p BD Batch

Haven’t done these in a while, sorry.
These things get pushed to the back when people get busy. We’ll have 9 out soonish, and the rest should follow suit.

08 DDL: 720p | 1080p
08 Torrent: 720p | 1080p
09 DDL: 720p | 1080p
09 Torrent: 720p | 1080p

Yeah I’ve been lazyfagging so much on these, 7 will be out within a day.

Also, I’m still looking for a timer (with good internet) to take over for me, since I’m starting some work soon which will conflict with releases. An editor would also be nice. Inquire within IRC @ #interrobang.

720p v2 (im a retard, yes, i know) torrent|DDL
720p v2 patch
1080p torrent|DDL

720p torrent|DDL
1080p torrent|DDL

I don’t have a picture for this.

DDL: 720p | 1080p
Torrent: 720p | 1080p

Here’s ep 4 720p and 1080p (Blu-Ray of course.)
More links coming as they upload.

Also, ep 5 should be out after this weekend (once we’ve finished Hen Zemi and Dog Days)

720p DDL
720p Torrent
1080p DDL
1080p Torrent

Don`t know what to think.

More coming when we get them.
This is kind of a sporadic thing.

02 720p DDL
02 1080p DDL
03 720p DDL
03 1080p DDL
02 720p Torrent
02 1080p Torrent
03 720p Torrent
03 1080p Torrent

Hey, you on top.

Yep, we’re doing these.

Not much to say, seeing as how I honestly didn’t enjoy this show.

DDLs: 720p 1080p
Torrents: 720p, 1080p


Hey guys! Amanatsu here, and we’re at the end of the first show we decided to sub!
Now, I’ll be honest, I really didn’t enjoy Yumekui Merry all that much, but since it was our first show it holds a kind of sentimental value for me (as well as the rest of the guys here at IB, I’m sure.)
A really special thanks to everyone who worked on this show, there were definitely some bumps along the road, especially in the beginning. Well here you go, your Yumekui Merry staff:

mini-ezo: Translation, bugging the heck out of people who weren’t doing their job. “whatever happens, blame it on meesles”

Meesles: Timing, K-Timing, Screwing up every release. “I wanna thank my awesome team for doing everything so awesomely these past couple months, and bearing with the fuck ups I occasionally made while I learned the ‘art’ of fansubbing. Here’s to one season down and many more to go!”

Amanatsu: Editing, TLC, TLing 16 lines in 1 ep that our TL forgets to do (# `₎へ₍´). “This quote is kind of silly since I’m posting this and all but, well, good job guys. The beginning was really bumpy, but we made it through nicely. Hopefully we can keep this going through Spring season!”

convexity: QC, Making sure we don’t sound absolutely retarded in our releases. “What happened to the cats?”

Wintereise: Distro. This guy is awesome. He seeds all of our stuff and provides us with an FTP, I can’t really say anything bad about him. “It’s been a long ride, hf, kthxbai”

Trigger: !ym13



Yep, here it is again. Another episode. That makes 3 this week, eh?

Well there’s one more left, look forward to it! (I know I won’t.)

Trigger: !YM12

What!? We’re getting things done!?

Here’s ep 11, hopefully soon after I’m done pre-typing this release post…

Yell at Meesles if this is unnecessarily late again!

Trigger: !YM11