So somebody decided to go and post this on /a/.

It’s already 404′d, but here’s the archive.

Take it how you will, but almost everyone in the IRC channel was dying while we read this. We’re really not assholes, but when you open up with “I passed college-level English” and “I worked for Hadena”, you’re really not setting yourself up for glory.

Also, to anyone who thinks this was set up by us, you’re completely wrong.
Also, the pastebin in that thread is actually what he said, and I can confirm that by walking 5 minutes to Meesles’ dorm and taking a picture on my phone, but I won’t because I’m not a faggot.
We had no idea this thread existed until 5 minutes before it got 404′d.
We honestly have no reason to start drama, and we have never had any kind of drama circulating around our group (until now.)

I’ve removed this post because Meesles is butthurt as fuck.

That is all.

I dont want to make poor ama-nii sad, so you can still find his link in the blogroll.


Yep, that’s right. It’s this fag guy’s birthday today. Well, sort of. It’s already Friday in Japan, (where he lives) so this is coming quite early for some other parts of the world.

Either way, let’s wish him a happy birthday! Have fun Meesles, but make sure you’re back in time to do your goddamn fagsubbing work.

*Note: We have some complaining niggers.
Wintereise and EienShouko would also like to be included in the picture. Since I’m lazy and won’t remake this picture, you can consider yourselves each one half of Tsukasa.

**Note: If you wanted a birthday post, mini-ezo, you should’ve made it clear when your birthday was :<
>mfw I wished you a happy birthday on Facebook so I probably knew when it was.
Oh well, I didn’t get one either, so we all suck.

Mmmmm… Vagina Bones

I couldn’t help but post this.

Editor Note: It can’t be helped

Editor Note2: Since Amanatsu is the blagger, Meesles is the editor.