I’ll post a picture when I fix the server.


Teaming up with our good friends at FFF for this joint.

Yes, I did just make a huge post about not doing stuff. mini and myself discussed at length the possibility of doing this show and whether or not we could do it on time. I can definitely manage this on my end, seeing as how holiday hours are over and I actually have a normal, 2-days-off-a-week work schedule, and mini will be doing his best to bring us the translation every week on time. This first week was late due to some miscommunication and some files missing in the ftp at the time of editing.

Mahouka will be worked on inbetween dog days when mini has time. That’s kind of on the back burner, and I’m sorry to anyone who was waiting.

I’ve already seen all of the shit talk and criticism for doing this show with our previous track record of being latefags; I don’t need any more. The best I can do is come out here and tell you that we are doing our best to stay on schedule, and we will be. Let’s stick to the golden rule of not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. I’ve heard everything and then some regarding our lateness and inability to finish shows. Please also try to remember that Grisaia was definitely not meant to happen at all, and it was a huge mistake on my end to try and manage doing that. I will not be doing joints with other groups that I do not fully trust any more.

Regarding actually doing shows despite my previous post: we will, for now, only be considering shows we’ve done in the past that receive sequels (see: dog days, kiniro [maybe], etc.) that we also jointed on, so pretty much just FBI shows. I don’t have the staff at IB currently to do an exclusively IB show. Kiniro was actually an IB-only show, but if we do season 2 then it’ll probably end up being a joint, if FFF wants to.

Thanks, and enjoy. We really do love doing dog days, and I at least speak for myself when I say I really do enjoy fansubbing, even tho I get a never-ending stream of shit for it. Sorry we haven’t been as fast as CR, or other groups for that matter.


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