Episode Torrent Patches DDL
01 Torrent DDL
02 Torrent DDL
03 Torrent DDL
04 Torrent DDL
05 Torrent DDL
06 Torrent DDL
07 Torrent DDL
08 Torrent DDL
09 Torrent DDL
10 Torrent DDL
11 Torrent DDL
12 Torrent DDL
13 Torrent DDL
14 Torrent DDL
15 Torrent DDL
16 Torrent DDL
17 Torrent DDL
18 Torrent DDL
19 Torrent DDL
20 Torrent DDL
21 Torrent DDL
22 Torrent DDL
23 Torrent DDL
24 Torrent DDL
25 Torrent DDL
26 Torrent DDL


  • Vallewida says:

    There aren’t any seeders… T . T
    DDL returns a 404 error… So still can’t download…

    and it’s not available on the XDCC bot…

    Please make it downloadable again. Either way would be fine.
    Thank you!

    • Amanatsu says:

      All episodes are available on the xdcc bot. This is where you can get the SEND codes http://merry.tsuntsun.info/

      Also, the DDLs don’t work because we stopped using maikuando, we have switched to depositfiles now. I will try to update this page but I didn’t really plan on a batch for this so we’ll figure it out. Don’t expect anything immediate, but maybe we can get someone to run a quick QC on the show again. You have to remember this show is like.. a year old or something, so batching seems kinda… you know.

      • Vallewida says:

        Oh. It’s alright~
        I understand.
        I just want to be able to download this in any way. I don’t mind if you don’t batch it. It’s fine the way it is and I wouldn’t want to cause trouble.

        I was wondering about the XDCC bot since it links to http://makoto.tsuntsun.info/?s=IB so it had me confused since it does not have much IB files and also has ones from different subbers.

        So I had it wrong… I’m a little new to IRC so I apologize.

        Anyway, thank you for helping me~ (^ ^)

        • Amanatsu says:

          Makoto is a really old link, I’m not sure where you found that one.

          Our newest is Merry, so be sure to look there for xdcc downloads. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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