I’ll post a picture when I fix the server.


Teaming up with our good friends at FFF for this joint.

Yes, I did just make a huge post about not doing stuff. mini and myself discussed at length the possibility of doing this show and whether or not we could do it on time. I can definitely manage this on my end, seeing as how holiday hours are over and I actually have a normal, 2-days-off-a-week work schedule, and mini will be doing his best to bring us the translation every week on time. This first week was late due to some miscommunication and some files missing in the ftp at the time of editing.

Mahouka will be worked on inbetween dog days when mini has time. That’s kind of on the back burner, and I’m sorry to anyone who was waiting.

I’ve already seen all of the shit talk and criticism for doing this show with our previous track record of being latefags; I don’t need any more. The best I can do is come out here and tell you that we are doing our best to stay on schedule, and we will be. Let’s stick to the golden rule of not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. I’ve heard everything and then some regarding our lateness and inability to finish shows. Please also try to remember that Grisaia was definitely not meant to happen at all, and it was a huge mistake on my end to try and manage doing that. I will not be doing joints with other groups that I do not fully trust any more.

Regarding actually doing shows despite my previous post: we will, for now, only be considering shows we’ve done in the past that receive sequels (see: dog days, kiniro [maybe], etc.) that we also jointed on, so pretty much just FBI shows. I don’t have the staff at IB currently to do an exclusively IB show. Kiniro was actually an IB-only show, but if we do season 2 then it’ll probably end up being a joint, if FFF wants to.

Thanks, and enjoy. We really do love doing dog days, and I at least speak for myself when I say I really do enjoy fansubbing, even tho I get a never-ending stream of shit for it. Sorry we haven’t been as fast as CR, or other groups for that matter.

Will be dropping these in here when we finish them. Trying to wrap these up.


If you want the TL;DR version, Interrobang is #suffering, and aren’t really subbing anymore. Semi recruiting. If you want more, continue reading:

Well, here we are. We’re almost 4 years old. We’ve subbed like 15+ shows/OVAs/etc. We’ve delayed. We’re delaying. We’ve had fun. We’ve gotten angry at each other. We’ve gotten angry at you, and you’ve certainly gotten angry at us.

Interrobang, at this point, has gone through as many members as I’ve gone through computer chairs (TL Note: That’s a lot.) We used to have a solid staff that was dedicated (if you want to call it that) to subbing, and more importantly subbing on time. In recent months (years? lol) we’ve really started slacking beyond what is acceptable. However, there is always another story behind the scenes. Please listen.

Our TL is an aspiring college graduate in a field that is definitely not easy. I finished college in mid 2013 and have been struggling to pay off these bills lately. My credit score recently took a huge hit because of delinquency on student loans, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m basically having a hard time.

I have an interest in other things right now, specifically FFXIV and Pokemon. I play Pokemon competitively around the northeast throughout the year (when I can, at least) and I raid with a good group of people on FFXIV 3-4 nights a week – after I come home from 10-12 hour shifts at work. I get 1-2 days off a week, and I usually use those days to sleep and recuperate. Sometimes I literally do nothing all day because work gets kind of exhausting.

In the past 6-8 months I’ve tried to sub a couple shows, and you all saw how that turned out. Mahouka ended up being kind of a flop, especially because our TL lost access to his laptop, or a computer in general, for a very long time. In fact, he still doesn’t have access to one. He’s been doing this entire semester from his tablet. Mahouka started well, but ended up fizzling out due to some uncontrollable circumstances. Well, mostly.

Grisaia was a huge mistake. I’m not going to shove blame on anyone, especially not another group, but our timing just didn’t line up and our interests (both groups) were likely elsewhere during that time. I should have never agreed to do the joint with them because I knew if they didn’t cause delays, I would have (and did, a little bit.)

This all being said, I honestly do enjoy fansubbing. I like the challenge of figuring out how to create a persona for a character using the English language. It actually takes a lot of work to be a good editor, IMO, and I think I did an okay job. I’m not gonna go out there and say I was the best or even close, but I do know that when I sat down to edit, I really tried.

Most importantly, I really enjoyed working with mini-ezo, our TL. I once made a comparison to Raze/Kusion because of how long we’d been subbing together. I have a lot of respect for UTW and Raze/Kusion in general. mini and I always gave explanations for strange/different/out-of-the-ordinary translations/edits for our viewers that had questions about it. We left particularly huge responses in Mahouka and Dog Days posts about these, because a lot of people had issues with “Shinku” and our terminology for Mahouka. mini left some very insightful scientific responses for Mahouka references, and him and I both had valid points for using “Shinku” instead of “Cinque” or, God forbid, “Sink”. We consulted each other a lot on translations and edits, because we firmly believed that the TL and editor should work together very closely on how to handle terminology, translations for specific Japanese/English words/phrases, etc., not just one person handing a script to another person and mindlessly moving from one language to another. I truly enjoyed my time working with mini. Do I know if he’ll come back ever? Not really. We’re both very busy these days, and I don’t know if we’ll have time to work like that together ever again. I can say that I very much enjoyed the time we shared, though. /sappymode

In closing, I still want to fansub deep down. However, I don’t know if I’ll have the time to. At the same time, I don’t want Interrobang to just die off. Meesles (who is no longer doing anything involving fansubbing at all), mini, and myself all built this group from the ground up, with plenty of help from friends, of course. I don’t really want to see it just fade away and be a domain I just keep around for my email. I still want to make something of it. However, I definitely understand that fansubbing in general has kind of died off. With the things that crunchyroll is doing now, there is little need for real fansubbers anymore. To be frank, I don’t even know which groups are still doing things anymore because I have literally watched like 1 or 2 shows in the past year. I’ve just been too busy.

That being said, if anyone is interested in filling positions at IB then please do let me know. You can contact me on here or on our IRC channel on Rizon, #Interrobang. Basically, we need everything. I’d even take editors. If this post for some reason happens to attract enough attention and we fill positions, I don’t even mind making time to edit myself. I just want to be here for a group of people that will be dedicated to subbing, even if it is outdated at this point. If there’s interest for it, I’ll facilitate it.

That about covers it. Thanks to anyone who has read this entire thing, and thank you to the people who have stuck with us this entire time. I honestly didn’t think IB had any fans; I didn’t think it was possible. Who would follow a bunch of idiots who can’t even sub things on time? Anyway, thank you to all my previous staff, no matter how long you were with us. Thank you to FFF for being our sort of “sister group” and jointing and sharing staff with us. Thank you to any groups that jointed or wanted to joint or tried to joint with us. Most importantly, thank you. Thank you, the fans who watched and supported IB over all these years.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just a new hello. Maybe. lol

Best Grisaia RIP your route

Joint with Oyatsu Fansubs. Looking forward to this season, since it has some decent shows. Haven’t actually watched anime in quite some time. Or subbed it, apparently.

Mahouka status: 13/14 @Edit. 15+ @TL. TL’s laptop is borked. No further updates at this time.

This show should actually be released in a slightly timely manner, barring strange delays. Everyone seems to work pretty efficiently, except the part where we waited 3 days for the fonts for ep 1. Shouldn’t be a big deal moving forward.

Again I apologize for the X-months-long delay on the Mahouka releases, but I really have no answer besides “real life is hard.” Never get jobs, friends.

Trigger: Will HOPEFULLY set this up later.
DDL: None yet, will figure it out

also I will fix the ratio on the image… later.

From the TL: “Also, regarding the rather different resolution, we, or rather, Majin3 saw that the show is mastered at 2.35:1 instead of 16:9 and at much higher resolution than 720p. So we decided to crop out the borders only and keep it at 816p since this anime can sustain this resolution. And it looks damn awesome, in my opinion.”

We will also continue to use BS11 as our station to get the raw, though it airs one day later.

Apparently there are some people upset about the lack of information. Sorry, I’ve been on vacation for 10 days and have 8 left. I’ve been from NY to DC to LA and I’m going to SF in 2 days. Last time I checked, there was like 1-2 eps at Edit, that’s me. There were like 6 eps at TL, that’s mini. There was probably 1 at time/TS, that’s archdeco and hyaku. At least one ep was at TS for like 4 or 6 weeks or something. Its not one person causing delays. I will edit whatever is at me on Sept 1st when I get back from vacation. Sorry if you feel like we’re ignoring you, but I’m usually the one to make announcements and I’ve been on vacation. In fact I am literally posting this from my phone as I walk around Disney land. It’s kind of frustrating that I have to do this. Sorry, and I’ll be back on Sept. 1st.

Also from the TL: “Also I’m a [college redacted] physics+astro third year. That’s a bit difficult.”

“More screen time?!” No.

Status on eps (taken directly from IRC):
Mahouka 13 @ Edit | 14-16 @ TL

Trigger: NO

No screen time? Not amused.

Trigger: uh i dont think we have this still

12 is @ TS+QC, 13 is at Time/TS, 14 is @ TL
For those wondering about updates and stuff^

Oh yes, there will be boobs.

Triggers: Nope.

No, we’re not dead.
Angels Camp

I’ll have to side with Amanig for this one

Triggers: Nope.

Yeah, so… shit happened. Here you go.

EDIT: Amanatsu: Yeah, sorry, I’ve been extremely overworked these past few weeks due to an apparent lack of employees at work. Been scheduled overtime almost every week for a couple now even though I’m only considered “part-time” where I work. I should get some more time off next week, and working on 10 now.

I think I was the one who delayed this but idk. I was busy as hell @ work this week. I even forgot to post this when we released it (a couple days ago) because I have literally not had a break at work in quite a few days here. Open to close going on 3 days in a row now (today, too.)

Our TL is flying back to Japan this week… I think? So it might be delayed again but whatever we’re FBI welcome to our struggle.

Trigger: yeah no